Chance Allies at Lake Edge Lutheran Church

Jazz Concert at Lake Edge Lutheran Church on Sunday, Aug. 18

Evening of music by some of Madison’s best jazz musicians

WHO: Harmonious Wail, Tisha Brown & the Chance Allies, and the Jim Erickson Trio, featuring Jan Wheaton.

WHEN: August 18, 6 pm.

WHERE: Parking lot of Lake Edge Lutheran Church, corner of Hegg and Lake Edge Blvd on the east side of Madison

DONATION: $10 (suggested)

PURPOSE: Donations will contribute to the growth of children’s music ministries at Lake Edge that will also benefit the surrounding community.

Lake Edge Lutheran Church will host a group of very prominent Madison musicians for a concert on Sunday evening, August 18, at 6 pm. There will be a large crowd of people, a mixture of followers of their music and talent, area residents enjoying a concert, and members of our church. Food vendors will also be on site to serve.

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