Exciting News

The past few months have truly been a whirlwind of activity in my personal life. Along with doing some wonderful concerts since January (thanks to all who’ve come out and supported us and the good work of the organizations we play for), I have a new job! Starting in June, I will be the new Director of Lay Academy for the Wisconsin Conference, UCC. This is a part-time position in which I will have the opportunity to work with adults throughout Wisconsin who are taking Lay Academy classes as a way of deepening their faith exploring how they might more fully live out their call to serve God, their communities and their congregations in a wide variety of ways. I am truly honored to have been chosen for this position and look forward to engaging in this work soon. Sadly, this means I will be leaving my beloved congregation of 10 years, Community of Hope, UCC. The month of May will be a time of celebrating our ministry together and saying goodbye. I know they will be in good hands with a new pastor and am so grateful to them for nurturing and encouraging me into this new phase of life.

All of this change is taking place to allow me to pursue my dream of doing more music in the Madison area and perhaps more widely throughout Wisconsin. I am really excited to see what might unfold as I have more time to focus on developing opportunities to perform for congregations and non-profits and as I also consider how to expand into sharing music with congregations in their Sunday morning worship services. I have begun exploring this avenue over the past year and so far have led worship through my music at Memorial, UCC in Fitchburg, Plymouth, UCC in Madison, Community of Hope, UCC in Madison, The Crossing Campus Ministry and Lake Edge Lutheran Church in Madison. I will share more about this evolution as it takes shape.

Thank you all for your kind and enthusiastic support of all of these endeavors. There are a number of opportunities to hear me and Chance Allies coming up throughout the summer so stay tuned.


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