Early Summer Update

June 8, 2014 was my last Sunday as Pastor of Community of Hope, UCC and the Madison Christian Community. We had a lovely worship service during which I anointed every person there with a special essential oil mixture made especially for that day. My time with this congregation was truly a labor of deep love and attentiveness and it was a real honor to leave them with a blessing as we go our separate ways. After worship they blessed me with wonderful stories of our time together. It was the perfect send off after a truly meaningful 10 years of mutual ministry.

On June 9, I started my new job as Director of the Lay Academy for the Wisconsin Conference, UCC. I was introduced at the Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting June 6-7 and was warmly received by everyone there and deeply touched by the stories I heard about how the Lay Academy has transformed people’s lives. Out of all the possible candidates for this position, I am really grateful they chose me to lead this ministry in the coming years. I feel quite honored by that.

After all the many changes of the past few months I’m looking forward to the slightly slower pace of summer so that I can listen to where the Spirit is leading me both in my job and through the music. There are a few gigs coming up this summer and into the fall and I hope as I begin focusing more on music in the coming weeks, there will be many more to come.

In the list of events for this summer you’ll see a new group listed – The Tisha Brown Collective. This is what I’m going to call my musical efforts when they are taking place outside of the context of fundraising efforts. This name also allows me to be flexible in terms of the musicians I perform with as I begin to branch out and seek additional performance opportunities. It’s an experiment – I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, very, very soon I will be releasing 5 new recordings! Chance Allies was in the studio one day in early January and laid down 5 new tunes along with drummer, Steve Allen. They’re some of my favorite tunes in our current repertoire and I can’t wait to make them available.

Hope to see you around this summer! Thanks for your support!


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