What’s New?

This week I’m looking forward to doing three performances with the Madison College Big Band. Three nights in a row we will be appearing at the St. Bernard Player’s cabaret event “An Evening of Memories.” I’ll be doing some scat singing in one of the pieces we’re performing. I’m slightly excited and slightly worried about stepping onto this new ground vocally. One of the things I’m learning about myself, however, is that in order to keep growing I need to keep taking risks. So, I’m stepping out boldly and prepared to embrace the consequences. If you’re interested in this event, call the St. Bernard Parish – 249-9256 ext. 260. Tickets are $20 and reservations are required.

In other news, I listened to an episode of the TED Radio Hour titled “The Source of Creativity” over the weekend. There was a segment in the podcast where scientist Charles Limb talked about what a creative brain looks like based on his research on the brains of improvising jazz musicians. He’s doing some really interesting research that helps us understand how our brains work when we are engaged in creative activities that I found particularly interesting.This podcast is becoming one of my favorites for learning new things and encountering interesting ideas.

I hope all is well in your world and that you are taking new risks and nurturing creativity in your lives.


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