Chance Allies

Chance Allies is a musical mission created to raise money for charities and nonprofit organizations through performances at churches, schools, private homes and other venues.

“When Chance Allies puts on a concert to help an organization raise money for its mission, much more happens than simply funds being collected. Their music enchants the crowd, their presence reflects joy, their connection to the causes they are playing for helps the audience connect to both music and mission. It’s a delightful way to spend an evening.”
— Phil Haslanger, Pastor, Memorial United Church of Christ, Fitchburg, Wis.

Chance Allies are true allies; book the group and generate money for your cause while providing an afternoon or evening of musical nostalgia and professionalism.

“Their music and joyful-jamming performance style entertains without overwhelming, allowing guests to mingle with one another, as well as the musicians themselves. I think they could set up in just about any space. It’s a great asset when a host can leave the music to the musicians and know that the guests will be in for a great time.”
— Julie Hunter, Board Member
Lussier Community Education Center, Madison, Wis.

Their repertoire comes straight out of the Great American Songbook and includes works made famous by George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and Louis Armstrong. These are songs that spread cheer and bridge generations.

“One of the great things about this group is that their first rate musicianship and excellent choice of songs allow them to appeal to a wide range of ages. We’ve been in audiences where the span was at least 40 years, and have seen everyone having a good time.”
— Betty Harris Custer and Corkey Custer, Custer Financial Services

All told, Chance Allies has raised approximately $1 million for such organizations as:
Haiti Allies
American Family Children’s Hospital
Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
Walbridge School
Dane County Jail Chaplaincy
Good Neighbors Personal Essentials Pantry

“Chance Allies lend their passions to the efforts of groups like ours to create fun, enjoyable and informative evenings. Besides raising needed resources, they raise spirits and hopes with wonderful music and their commitment to contributing to the common good.”
— Peter Morris, Pastor
Good Neighbors Personal Essentials Pantry and Arbor Covenant Church, Madison, Wis.

With so much war, politics and hatred in this world, it’s almost criminal to ignore beauty when it’s right in front of us. Chance Allies performances provide a break from this messy universe and help listeners lose themselves in something beautiful and timeless.

“Tisha Brown brought music and a touch of magic to the evening. The event for Domestic Abuse Intervention Services was greatly enhanced, thanks to Chance Allies. They provided the perfect music for setting a mood and bringing people together. I can’t imagine an event too small or too large that wouldn’t benefit from the talents of Chance Allies.”
— Shannon Barry, Executive Director
Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, Madison, Wis.

We invite you to join us in our musical mission by listening to our music, booking us to perform at your next event or attending one of our live performances.

Chance Allies — Tisha, David and Lucas

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